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I’m Jay Templeton. I Help Plan, Implement and Demonstrate Your Vision.

Technology has the power to excite, inspire and make a real difference in people’s lives. I partner with innovative companies to help them harness the power of compelling stories and experiences that bring their products to life in a tangible way.

My passion is working closely with clients to craft narratives, create demos, and design hands-on interactions that resonate emotionally with target audiences. I collaborate cross-functionally to uncover the hero’s journey for each product and translate technical capabilities into inspirational stories that captivate and speak to customers on a deeper level. Whether through interactive prototypes, experiential simulations, videos, or live presentations, I enable teams to share their vision and ignite excitement in a way that shapes understanding and fosters true connections. 

If you have a great product that needs an inspirational story and captivating voice, let’s talk. I’m excited to help establish your product as a hero in the customer’s journey.

Stories shape our understanding and connect us together. I enable companies to share their vision in a way that resonates - through compelling product narratives that inspire customers.